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Home walls applications for climbing and bouldering on spray walls

Climbers are a passionate cohort that mostly focus on having a good time, spending it alone or sharing it with other climbing fellows and increasing their personal performances.

Digital increase of human’s habits led to a great variety of usages and case studies.

Home-wall is a trend in climbing, as an extension to bouldering gym’s spray walls, homewalls are a way for climbers to express them-self in a personal environnement.

Typical Home-wall applications enable you to upload a picture of your wall, create routes and record your performances. Best-in-class applications, such as DeepClimb, include Artificial Intelligence in the service so it can learn on auto-pilot and deliver better results for climbers.


DeepClimb is a place for everything climbing. The App lets you share your problems with climbers and set problems for your friends’ home-walls and spray-walls.

As Artificial Intelligence-based, there is a training logbook for performance tracking to understand yourself, your wall, unleash your potential and compare to others.

Additionally, the service enables wall updates (wall versioning), automatic hold recognition and problem generation.

DeepClimb is completely free!