Deepclimb versus Boulder Problems - [2021]

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About Boulder Problems

Boulder Problems is a gym and homewall application developed by the spanish climber Pablo González in 2019. It offers all casual home wall application features.

Pricing: Freemium

Uploading home wall pictures

Most climbing home walls and spray walls applications have a preliminary step to use the application, which is uploading a picture of the wall.
Best-in-class applications use artificial intelligence to enhance your picture into the system. First, the design and the quality of the photo can be increased for a better user experience. Another great advantage that climber application provides is the Hold Contouring, it enables to directly select holds with a layout that exactly matches the holds.

Boulder Problems: Allow one picture upload per wall.
DeepClimb: Allow unlimited number of pictures and wall.

Share boulders and ask other climbers to set problems for you

Climbing is a passion which is likely to be shared with others, it is a lifestyle. Routesetting is an art and mostly subjective by nature. Having said so, Climbers with homewalls need the liberty to set the problem they want. However, there is a high demand from climbers for sharing their problems, as well as setting problems for others and increasing the homewall value.

Boulder Problems: You can create problems for other climbing.
DeepClimb: You can share boulders and create problems for them or on socials.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in climbing Applications

Technologies are emerging in the sport field. In climbing, people are friendly with innovation, but prefer saving their discipline unharmed from the madness of new usages that keep them away from social interaction. However, on the back-end side, processing data can enhance climbing capabilities at a maximum.
First, it enables climbers to better understand their performance as well as their weakness.
Secondly, and on the offering side, having a clear understanding of the demand can help personalising routes for everyone.
Having said so, Artificial Intelligence can help processing data to deliver recommandation, route generation and problem-solving to climbers.

Boulder Problems: No AI usage. You can circle holds to create your route.
DeepClimb: You can contour holds to create your route. There is also a name and grade generator.

Wall Versioning and Layout changes

Home wall climbing applications provide digital twins of climber’s wall that record their routes, problems and solutions. However, most common users are likely to change the layout of their creation once they have deeply used it. Wall versioning enables users to upload a new picture and wall layout into the systems so they can keep the boulder they made while enjoying new capabilities.
Most indoor climbing applications allow multiple pictures uploading, but are not able to deal with multiple wall versions right now.

Boulder Problems: Allowing only one image per wall and no wall versioning.
DeepClimb: Allow as many wall version as the owner need.

Training logbook and performance tracking

Performance tracking remains the most important feature for seasoned climbers because current applications are the only way to record topped and failed routes yet.
Delivering raw data regarding their climbs, best-in-class applications may deliver insights enhanced with other data sources. As we can see in multiple traditional corporate job positions, the usage of personal dashboards will be generalized in a couple of years.
In the future, climbing applications may provide climbers with their grade distribution, peak hours, strength on arms and feet and even over-used holds in a spraywall.

Boulder Problems: No performance review, dashboard or coaching.
DeepClimb: Allow unlimited number of pictures and wall

About DeepClimb

DeepClimb is a place for everything climbing. The App lets you share your problems with climbers and set problems for your friends’ home-walls and spray-walls.
As Artificial Intelligence-based, there is a training logbook for performance tracking to understand yourself, your wall, unleash your potential and compare to others.
Additionally, the service enables wall updates (wall versioning), automatic hold recognition and problem generation.

DeepClimb is completely free!

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